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We are re-imagining how you interact with fictional stories, through Personalisation and Ownership.


auxuman is the first online cartoon channel that lets you play, control, own and build animation series. Similar to video games auxuman leverages proprietary real-time technologies and modular story building to bring you the most exciting interactive story worlds that will make you feel closer to characters you love and care about.

YONA was a virtual being made of various tools, systems and technologies that enable new digital forms and aesthetics in music and performance art. Yona helped us understand how creators and collectives work through a single digital IP and share process and result all together.

auxWorld is an Interactive Animation Series. Through personalisation and a variety of real-time technologies, auxWolrd aims to help users build the  synthetic life in the Metaverse. Imagine if you could infinitely personalise and customise episodes from your favourite TV animation series. 


Betaworks Ventures / GMG Ventures / Alex Chung (Giphy)